Crafted in Connecticut Refined by Culnova.

The combination of an European/American team with years of artistry and innovation and European production and product knowledge, will bring unparalleled European luxury to the US. All materials are in stock in the US and all millwork is finished in our factory, maintaining the highest European quality. Our cabinetry is rigorously tested and certified, and our products surpass every industry standard. Each Culnova design comes with a two-year guarantee. We believe in style and excellence, always.

We offer a complete range of lifestyle products and solutions with the best raw materials from Spain and Italy.

All the finishes under our product lines: LUXUS HG, SETOSA SUPER MATTE, TEXTURA, VETRO, and LEATHER CORIUM.

All our cabinets are manufacture in the USA, with the best raw materials from Spain and Italy. Our millwork cabinetry is made 100% European panels and not European inspired materials. A leading door-production program, which uses state-of-the-art German and Italian technologies for doors and sequence-matching grain for wood veneer and laminate doors Cabinets are manufactured with panels that are antibacterial-treated, moisture-resistant, with elegant linen finish for the cabinet interiors, which are currently the market’s standard for high-end contemporary kitchens, both standard and custom-size cabinet programs that cover most of our professional clients’ needs. The strength and durability of our cabinets is also unparalleled.


Our team of in-house designers will work with you to meet all your needs and bring your ideas to life. We treat every project as unique, so we’ll customize down to each and every detail to provide you with the highest satisfaction.

Support during the process

From the moment you become our customer, we provide you with updates, answer any questions and give you quality technical assistance during every stage of your project. Whether it’s arranging measurements, organizing installation or ordering additional cabinets and accessories to be delivered quickly, our team is there for you and ready to help.

Fast production process

We know your time is valuable. Just because you’re getting high quality, doesn’t mean you should have to wait for it.

While cabinets deliveries from Europe can take around three months, Culnova cabinets are ready to go from our local factory, optimized to ship within a weeks.

Flagship Store

All Culnova lines can be seen in Our Showroom / Flagship Store located in 520 North Main St. Port Chester, NY. 10573


Our Factory


Culnova has 44,000 SF production facility located in the heart of Connecticut. We offer a variety of selected european finishes in 5 different lines, all in stock in the US, wich allow us to have the shortest production lead times in the industry.


Our Team

Our team with great experience in all aspects of luxury design, has worked very close with Italian manufacturers for decades. We use this knowledge of materials, style and construction method to forge a new approach in the industry.



Our factory is equiped with the latest German and Italian technology and inspired by the best European factories. We use only the highest-quality Italian & Spanish-imported materials to produce every single piece.


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